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Curious Collection of Dinosaurs. Long before humans, the world was filled with extraordinary beasts.

Enormous dinosaurs roamed the land Enormous dinosaurs roamed the land and pterosaurs swooped through the sky. Discover these incredible dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures for yourself in this Curious Collection. Digging for Dinosaurs Smithsonian.

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Explore the prehistoric world. Learn fun facts about dinosaurs.

Although being 10 times lighter, mapusauruses, the largest known meat-eating dinosaurs, would hunt argentinosaurus in packs! It seems this creature has a lot to teach us. Before it was found, experts believed that the area where it lived had been under the sea!

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This hefty, horned herbivore still holds the record for the largest skull of any land animal ever! Experts believe that the horns were too thin to be much use for fighting off big predators and that perhaps they were more for showing off! Pentaceratops also had a parrot-like beak for chomping through tough plants.

When it comes to being well-defended, this mighty plant-eater is pretty hard to beat.

Weighing in at about a tonne — as heavy as a large car — its body was covered in tough bony plates. On its powerful tail, double rows of jagged barbs lined each side so the animal could lash out at attackers. While you wait for it to be checked and approved why not to add a pre-selected message and a cool badge. Woah, I never knew that a normal tricerotops would be so deadly! Thank you for helping me learn more! Wow it was amazing and being a potterhead harry potter fan I think it is super cool that someone named a dino after it in honour of the series.

I heart dinos thank you for sharing some valid info thx again. I am doing a project about dinosaurs in school I enjoyed looking at this website thank you! I think it was really interesting and I liked it very much and I hope I get to read more about dinosaurs. Am I the only 1 who thinks that thinks that nothronychus looks exact like archaeopteryx?

Those animals ere like half birds half reptilies :- first birds. Ask a parent or guardian to check it out first and remember to stay safe online. See all.

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Meet Some Deadly Dinos! Join us as we get up-close with some prehistoric beasts! Ready for a roar -some prehistoric adventure?

Then join NG Kids as we meet seven of our favourite dinosaurs! Name : Tyrannosaurus rex Lived : 65 million years ago Size : Up to 12m long Discovered : USA and Canada Say it : Tye-ran-oh-sore-us rex The most famous dino of them all, the T-rex was armed with jaws which remain the most powerful weapon nature has ever created.