Innovations in Delivery Methods for Nutraceutical Food and Drinks

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Other bioactive components that have been detected in the whey concentrate but are at a lower concentration include conjugated linoleic acid and growth factors IGF-1, TGF-beta 1, and TGF-beta 2. Research on these components has shown specific mechanisms for inhibiting certain pathogens, modulating the immune system, and maintaining intestinal integrity.


Potential applications for this ingredient include yogurt, ice cream, low-fat products, nutritional bars, frozen whipped toppings, nutritional beverages, brownies, or any food system that currently uses whey proteins but would benefit from enriched levels of bioactive peptides. Also, nutraceutical products such as capsules, tablets, or lozenges are suitable delivery systems for the ingredient. A lactoferrin called Bioferrin is biologically active for immune stimulation, iron supplementation, probiotic activity, and antibacterial applications. The health-promoting protein can be consumed directly or included in formulated foods or dietary supplement products.

New Concepts in Nutraceuticals as Alternative for Pharmaceuticals

Glanbia has commenced a major lactoferrin expansion in its state-of-the-art whey processing facilities in Idaho. Strong demand for natural, antimicrobial, and immune-enhancing ingredients is a major driving force for the expansion. The site contains comprehensive product and company information, advanced graphics, and application ideas. Coming soon to the site will be consumer-targeted information on dairy calcium and whey.

Soy applications provide mainstream appeal. Box , St.

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Louis, MO phone ; fax ; www. These applications included a milk chocolate pudding; a peach-flavored carbonated beverage; ready-to-drink fruit beverages in flavors of cranberry-raspberry, orange-passion fruit-mango, and pina colada; a raspberry yogurt energy bar, and an all-family food bar that is a healthy alternative to traditional candy bars. A new high-protein nugget was recently introduced which offers bar and snack marketers formulation flexibility to achieve targeted protein levels and to deliver a desirable crunch and taste. Representatives from the company provided information on rising consumer interest in soyfoods.

Program demonstrates custom fortification solutions. A total body health product concept which combines functionality, taste, and convenience was presented by The Wright Group, P. Box , Crowley, LA phone ; fax ; www. Marketed under the name Synergy , the concept includes six families of products, each demonstrating how custom fortification solutions meet the growing demands of the consumer marketplace. The nutrient-rich instant drink is said to have a thick, creamy texture suitable for meal replacements and liquid supplement applications.

The Performance family featured a nutrient-enhanced energy drink which provides an alternative to carbonated beverages or non-fortified caffeinated drinks.

Containing essential B-vitamins, L-taurine, and caffeine, the instantized ready-to-drink powder is added to water and shaken. It has a clear appearance and an orange flavor. The Cardio family showcased a sugar-free chocolate chip cookie enhanced with omega The product may be used by diabetics and health-conscious individuals and contains vitamin E, flaxseed oil, vitamin C, selenium, and folic acid.

The Joint Health family spotlighted a lemon wellness bar formulated with microencapsulated nutrients for relieving arthritis. The soy-based bar contains 1, mg of glucosamine and chondroitin, mg of methylsulfonylmethane, and The Bone Health family featured a fortified chocolate vanilla ice cream. With a natural profile high in calcium, the dairy dessert is fortified with vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. The Complete family highlighted a fortified reduced-fat lemon poppy muffin. Fortified with 16 vitamins and minerals, the muffin offers a tasty, lemon poppy flavor and contains only 2.

Brochures describing each of these formulations are available from the Wright Group, comprised of three divisions—Wright Enrichment, Wright Nutrition, and Wright Pharma. Novel ingredients from Japan offer health benefits.

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A variety of novel health-promoting ingredients were highlighted by Japanese companies, in conjunction with Mitsubishi International Corp. A probiotic product, a highly concentrated Bifidobacterium longum powder, is manufactured by Morinaga Milk Industry Co.


The product is said to improve intestinal environment, stimulate immunity, prevent diarrhea, and suppress harmful bacteria. The powder, which reportedly has exceptional room temperature stability, may be used in infant formulas, dietary supplements, and fortified or functional foods. It is produced by a technology which ensures that the bacterium remains viable in the product so that it reaches the large intestines.

Innovations in Delivery Methods for Nutraceutical Food and Drinks

The extract has catechin or tannin content which offers medical benefits such as lowering cholesterol and allergies and providing antimicrobial properties. It can prevent food oxidation and is protein reactive, making it compatible for soy milks. A soy flour called Uni-Cell is made by Japan Cell Foods using enzymatic technology that breaks down soy cells into their constituent parts.

The result is that the flour is free of beany taste and odor typically associated with conventional soy flours, while maintaining its nutritional value. A versatile soy derivative manufactured by Fuji Oil Co.

Functional Foods Make Up 36% of the U.S. Nutraceuticals Market

Marketed under the name Hinute , the ingredient is highly water soluble in alkaline and acid conditions and its viscosity is much lower than that of soy protein. Properties include increased absorption, promotion of fat metabolism, and anti-fatigue effect. A variety of health-promoting ingredients were unveiled by Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co.

Bamboo fiber adds health benefits. A bamboo-derived dietary fiber—available for use as a ingredient or processing aid in a variety of food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products—was highlighted by CFF CreaFill Fibers Corp. According to the manufacturer, the bland-tasting bamboo fiber can help promote a healthy digestive tract, aid in weight management, and contribute textural properties.

Peptide ingredient lowers cholesterol. A peptide ingredient combining soy protein hydrolysate and soy phospholipids to safely block cholesterol absorption within the intestine was developed by Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc. At the same time, while reducing the level of harmful LDL cholesterol, the ingredient is said to promote the production of healthy HDL cholesterol. It remains stable when added to other food and beverage components including proteins, lipids, starches, emulsifiers, and minerals.

Among the applications that can be fortified with the ingredient include soy beverages, meat products, nutritional supplements, nutrition bars, and functional foods. It has a recommended daily dosage of only 3 grams and the ingredient will not alter flavor profiles. Inulin in foods and beverages designed especially for children was the booth theme of Imperial Sensus, P.

Box 9, Sugar Land, TX phone ; fax Inulin can increase nutritional value without adversely impacting flavor. According to a company representative, a commercial vegetarian hot dog made with inulin was recently introduced. Accompanying the hot dogs were low-fat french fries that retained crispiness eight times better after 10 minutes, compared with control fries. A functional beverage for kids combined organic whole grains with fruit.

The vitamins, minerals, fiber, and complex carbohydrates in the beverage are said to provide sustained energy and facilitate bone and muscle growth. Clinical studies indicate that inulin—a prebiotic with special water-soluble dietary fiber properties--helps increase mineral bioavailability, particularly calcium absorption, stimulates the immune system, helps control blood glucose, and reduces LDL cholesterol levels. Distributor announces new health developments.

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Controlled release soy isoflavones, marketed under the name Solgen SR , was introduced by P. The slow delivery system gives sustained availability throughout the day and allows formulations that avoid momentary high serum concentrations and quick eliminations by the body. Solbar is currently sponsoring a human clinical study on the effect of this product at a major university. Studies have shown that soy isoflavones can be used in support formulas for menopause, bone and heart support, immune maintenance, and glucose control.

Also, PLT was recently named the exclusive U. The product is made by a process which protect SOD from degradation in the gastrointestinal track, providing increased levels of circulating SOD. He has longtime involvement in drug development both synthetic and herbal and functional food research and development both in academia and industry. Ghosh is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and is also on the editorial board of several journals.

He has published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals, numerous articles in food and nutrition magazines and books. He is responsible for developing new technologies for commercial application in the food and nutrition industry.