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Principal photography began on 27 December , and concluded on 12 February Yoon Min-sik from The Korea Herald gave a mixed review and wrote, "Though it starts off dull, the film quickly heats up -- both in terms of fun and drama. This is largely due to quality acting from most of the cast. The mundane lines seemed generic, and the characters were stereotypical.

However, these were small problems compared with how the film ended, which left me feeling confused about how I felt about the film.

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On 6 November, the film surpassed 2 million admissions, becoming the third fastest local film to surpass the milestone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Intimate Strangers Theatrical release poster. Film Monster Co. Korea Media Rating Board. Retrieved 22 September Star News in Korean. Retrieved 4 November Korean Film Biz Zone. Retrieved 11 September Naver in Korean. OSEN in Korean. Retrieved 4 October News1 in Korean.

Retrieved 14 June Another time, I went to a yard sale where every item was creative and inspiring. All the books were titles I wanted to read, and I bought most of them.

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When I asked the woman, who owned all of the art books and supplies, she told me they belonged to her very gifted son who was away at college. The more I walked amongst his things, the more I felt I had known him forever. It was the strangest feeling. I fell in love with this young man, never having met him, or even seen him. It was such an intimate feeling.

Intimate Strangers: Men and Women Together

Even though he was a stranger, his life was laid out before me on display, and I felt him, as though he was there. Not wanting to leave, and feeling at home and at ease among his things, I lingered there for a long time, and finally had to pull myself away. There was also a time when I lived in Connecticut, but my heart wanted to pull me away, to wander to distant places. All the charms were unique and vintage and had been collected over many years. An older, handsome man, was running the sale and told me he was recently divorced and his ex-wife had left the bracelets behind.

Maybe too many memories were attached to them. He was a professor at the nearby University of Connecticut, but he was originally from Marin in California. He was going home. I enjoy talking to people, and often, they need someone to talk to. Right outside of San Francisco.

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Of course, I bought the bracelets and the book. During the next couple of years, I often longingly thumbed through the pages of the book, wondering how the professor was doing and wishing I could go visit this beautiful area of California. I never thought I would one day live in Marin, but here I am.

I sometimes wonder if that book had anything to do with it. Of all the sales I go to, my favorite are the Estate sales. Everything in the house is for sale, and very often, the house is exactly as it was left when the previous owner departed or passed away.

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You can easily get to know a lot about these people by how they kept their home. How they decorated. How they dressed and even the make-up they wore. To me, it feels like a sacred privilege. To know what they cooked their food in and what dishes they used. What food they ate that was left in their pantry.

What movies, books, and music they loved.

What medications they took, and what they kept in their bedroom night tables. Even if they have died.

The Story Hall

Even after all the many years of attending these sales. Slowly, I go from room to room, looking at everything left behind.

Imagining who these people were, I ask questions about the history of the items, and that often leads to more information about the people themselves.